First thing you need is an account! 

Before you can save and share music in REMX you need to create an account. This is really simple and only takes a few seconds! 

1) In the REMX home screen click on the button that says 'profile'

2) Enter a username and password of your choice

3) Press 'Sign Up'

Alternatively, if you have a Facebook account hit 'Login with Facebook'. This will have you signed up with a REMX account in seconds!

What does sharing a track do?

Sharing your saved tracks will make enter them into the charts! This means everyone using REMX can hear your latest hit. Sharing your track is the only way to enter our Track Of The Month competition!

Viewing the 'Hot Right Now' chart shows you what tracks are popular in REMX.

Top Tip: Share your track after you've finished and happy with the final rendition… You don't want a half finished masterpiece out there!

Can I share outside of REMX, or download my track?

Not yet! We're working on some social sharing features! If you really want this feature, let us know by using social media or email.